Baby General Essentials Checklist

Baby General Essentials Checklist

The hospital bag checklist doesn’t stop after the baby is born. It might be hard to imagine that you’ll have a tiny little person in your arms in the not-so-distant future, but the time will come and when your baby does finally make an entrance, you’ll need a few things to make sure they’re warm and comfortable too.


  1. Nappies & cotton wool 
    Newborn nappies and cotton wool or wipes for cleaning the baby - the hospital won’t provide these. Bring a couple of packs, you’ll be surprised how many you get through.

  2. Blanket
    Hospitals can get cold and it’ll be a good cover-up for the baby’s first journey. If it’s winter-time make sure you have a blanket so you can cover them on the journey home, and of course, you’ll need a car seat for their first car ride.

  3. Scratch mittens & baby hat
    You’ll need a hat as hospitals can be chilly, and mittens to stop them from scratching themselves.

  4. Sleepsuits and vests
    Pack at least two or three sleepsuits, vests and a cardigan or two. Lots of people like to pack a special going home outfit for baby too, for that all important first-time-outside photo.

  5. Muslin squares
    A new parent’s best friend. Muslin squares are a lifesaver and can be used to mop up milk and any accidents (there will be lots), and of course, don’t forget a big pack of baby wipes.

  6. Baby car seat 
    Our Nursery Partners can show you how to fit these in store.

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